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Find Your Way with Precision Using Marine Handheld GPS from CKW Store


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Enhance your boating experience with the reliability and accuracy of marine handheld GPS devices available at CKW Store. As a trusted provider of marine and boating equipment, we offer a diverse selection of renowned brands, including Garmin, Ritchie, and Scotty. Take advantage of our commitment to free shipping on select orders over $100 and our fastest shipping policy across the USA, ensuring your marine handheld GPS device is delivered promptly. With our dedication to sourcing products only from top-notch manufacturers, you can trust CKW Store to provide you with the best tools for a safe and seamless boating experience.

Unleash the Power of Marine Handheld GPS:


  • Accurate Positioning: Marine handheld GPS devices offer precise positioning capabilities, allowing you to navigate with confidence on the water. With advanced satellite technology, these devices provide accurate and reliable location information, enabling you to stay on course and reach your destination with ease.
  • Waypoint Navigation: Marine handheld GPS devices allow you to set waypoints, marking specific locations on the water. This feature is particularly useful for marking favorite fishing spots, anchorage points, or important landmarks, ensuring you can easily return to them whenever needed.
  • Chartplotting Capabilities: Many marine handheld GPS devices come equipped with chartplotting functionalities. This allows you to view navigational charts, maps, and other relevant data directly on the device’s screen, providing you with a comprehensive view of your surroundings and aiding in route planning.
  • Durability for Marine Environments: Marine handheld GPS devices are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of boating. They are built to be waterproof, rugged, and resistant to shock, ensuring they can withstand exposure to water, rough handling, and challenging weather conditions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Marine handheld GPS devices offer intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate even in the midst of your boating adventures. With clear displays, straightforward menus, and responsive controls, these devices provide a seamless user experience.
  • Long Battery Life: When out on the water, it’s essential to have a marine handheld GPS device that can keep up with your boating excursions. Many devices are equipped with long-lasting batteries, ensuring you have ample power to navigate throughout the day without interruption.
  • Trusted Brands: At CKW Store, we carry a wide range of reputable brands known for their quality and performance in the marine industry. Choose from renowned manufacturers to ensure you have a reliable marine handheld GPS device by your side.
  • Diverse Categories: CKW Store offers a comprehensive selection of categories to cater to all your boating needs. Explore Satellite phones, NMEA Cables & Sensors, Hot water heaters, Strainer Baskets, and more, conveniently available in one place.

Experience the CKW Store Difference:

At CKW Store, we strive to provide you with a seamless shopping experience and top-notch products. Take advantage of our free shipping on select orders over $100 and our fastest shipping policy across the USA to receive your marine handheld GPS device promptly.

Choose CKW Store for reliable and high-performance marine handheld GPS devices. Shop now to equip yourself with the precision and accuracy needed for successful boating navigation.

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